Una Collective Agreement 2020 Lump Sum

„The very strong vote in favour of this agreement shows how satisfied UNA members are with the outcome of this round of negotiations,“ UNA Vice President Daphne Wallace said in a press release. These additional benefits add up quickly for nurses and taxpayers. Each year, a high-level UNA nurse is entitled to payments of about $20,000 in „benefits/pensions/capital amounts,“ according to another freedom of information request received by the CTF. Full-time UNA nurses also receive additional lump sum payments of $1,750 per year and nowhere in the recent agreement between the government and the union explains why taxpayers are on the hook for these special payments. In fact, it appears that any full-time UNA nurse is entitled to these bonuses, regardless of the benefit. The union anticipates that the agreement will improve patient care by providing safer environments and better nurse-patient relationships. We encountered a problem while logging in. Please try again The agreement also provides peace of mind that there will be no overall reduction in the number of nurses and includes a promise from Alberta Health Services (AHS) to address nurses` concerns in the workplace. It took more than a year of negotiations, but Alberta`s 26,000 nurses finally have a new contract.

Health officials say they can afford to raise wages and that raising salaries will help retain and recruit nurses. Alberta Health Services also welcomes the agreement and notes that it will benefit patients as hospitals will be able to hire more full-time nurses. Nurses are also entitled to overtime pay without working full-time. In Alberta, part-time nurses have certain days off known as designated days from the rest…

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