There Are Still Open Purchase Order Items Or Scheduling Agreements Message No. Mm326

Please read the note 102653.By this correction is verified by the system all purchase proofs without any sign of erasure and error M3368 occurs if at least one item in un deleted is found (and not only when there are stocks)! Please note that if you make reservations with POs or a previously created delivery plan, although you have updated the profit centers in the hardware database, FI supporting documents will be updated with the Profit Center against bookings relating to these purchase documents. The transfer balance and those entries or error messages you`ve observed are not related at all. I have the prince of the warehouse for this material, but I don`t have any open POs. Symptom You want to change the evaluation class of a material. The system does not allow this change, as pending orders or manufacturing orders that have not been erased are still available for the hardware. If you want to change the type of material in a material and the material needs to be classified in a different rating class based on the new type of material, this modification is not allowed if manufacturing orders or orders are still pending. What I meant to say is that once you`ve made a transaction with this material, you can`t change the rating class that easily. Changing the Value class affects the account in kind. So there will be inconsistencies. IFs must be included in this process to account for the transfer of the balance (stock value) from the old account in kind to the new account.

He should therefore be discouraged. Close all orders or delivery plans by completing all associated bookings. (such as GR, invoice and payment) Or if a store is needed, simply place the removal identification plate in the order or in the delivery plan to the different stations. Solution From version 4.6B, you can use the customizing transaction OMT4 (ChangeSystem Messages) to change the corresponding checks in the warning messages. In this case, from an organizational point of view, you must ensure that there are no inconsistencies after the change of assessment class. > . With 30, Microsoft Grapples With Growing Up> – Read News:>> > – View group archives:>> > group MM:> I apparently have a problem when creating a GR for any> Scheduling Agreement (SA), but not an order.> I generated a valid open SA with calendar lines> from MRP from the source list settings.> > I get this message: Document 5500000008 does not contain selectable articles >> proposals? SAP 4.7 with DIMP (discreetly> industrial product solution) > thanks> JR> > below is the complete error message:> Message No. M7064> > diagnosis> The document or proof post seized cannot be accepted >.> > possible reasons are: > > Justifie positions have already been processed> (zero-line indicator?). > occupancy positions have been removed or blocked.> supporting positions for another> plant.> (only for reservations) have not yet been allowed > for booking items.> (only for bookings) are the occupancy positions> retrograde elements of the order.

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