Share Purchase Agreement Uitleg

Once the shares of the target transaction are transferred, the property is transferred to the buyer. It is likely that the buyer would likely appoint new directors, accountants, etc. The buyer may also want to remove the current officers. If all parties are Dutch and/or speak Dutch, I recommend opting for a Dutch-speaking (sale) agreement for the shares rather than a BSG. KG ZA 11-437. Gramen heeft crashchtens een „Share Purchase Agreement“ met Alsi een aandelenbelang verworven in Lyempf. Romeva is autoaar van het onroerend goed waar Lyempf haar bedrijf uitoefent. Lyempf heeft het onroerend goed van Romeva, maar kan haar verplichtingen op grond van de koopovereenkomst niet nakomen. Gramen doet een beroep op de garantiebepaling in koopovereenkomst en wenst het onroerend goed van Romeva geleverd te krijgen. Vordering wordt afgewezen omdat voorshands niet kan worden uitgesloten zich na het sluiten van de koopovereenkomst onvoorziene omstandigheden hebben voorgedaan, welke van dien aard zijn dat Gramen ongewijzigde instandhouding van de Aktienkaufvertrag: Sicherheit This SPA article deals with the possible guarantee by the buyer (z.B.

as part of a subordinated loan from the seller to the buyer). Or by the seller (for example. B as part of guarantees or allowances). Share purchase contract: taxes This spa article deals with the topic of taxation. Think about corporate tax or VAT, the dissolution of a tax unit and how to approach it. Once due diligence is completed satisfactorily, the share purchase agreement is usually signed in a private document (in legal jargon, this phase is called „signing“). However, as a general rule, the transaction does not take place; In other words, there is no actual transfer of ownership of the shares to the buyer. The typical compensation obligations of a seller are, among other things, compensation to the buyer: a decisive distinction must be made between the purchase of shares and the acquisition of assets.

An investment transaction includes the purchase or sale of some or all of a company`s assets, such as. B equipment, inventory, real estate, contracts or leases. Buying assets can be beneficial because it allows a buyer to selectively reorient himself with the assets he buys. In addition, the acquisition of assets allows an acquirer to acquire ownership of a business without the liabilities that would accompany the assets when buying shares. In the case of the purchase of assets, a significant SD is still required, especially with regard to the ownership of these assets and the rights of pawn. The completion of a stock or asset acquisition depends on many considerations and the objectives of the purchaser.

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