Service Agreement Stripe

The following terms in this section relate to the use of payment services: c. PCI Compliance: If you use payment services to accept transactions with payment cards, you must comply with the Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and, if applicable to your business, the Payment Service Data Security Standard („PA-DSS“) of the Payment Card Industry (together PCI standards). Stripe provides tools to help you meet PCI standards, but you need to make sure your business is in line. The specific steps you need to take to meet PCI standards will depend on your implementation of payment services. For more information about implementing Stripe in PCI compliant standards, see our documentation. If we ask you to do so, you must immediately provide us with all documents proving that you comply with PCI standards. If you choose to store and retain „account data“ in accordance with PCI standards (including account number or expiration date of customer cards), you also agree to set up a PCI-compliant system or use a compliant service provider to store or transmit such account data. In addition, you agree never to store „sensitive authentication data“ within the meaning of PCI standards (including CVC or CVV2). Information on PCI standards is available on the website of the UNION Security Council.

The term „payment term“ refers to the time it takes to make a transfer to your payment account. Your payment deadline is indicated in your dashboard. Stripe may impose a waiting period before a first transfer to the payment account. After the initial transfer, we will credit the funds to the deposit account depending on the payment term; However, be aware that financial service providers, including the bank holding the payment account, may, for any reason, withhold transfers. We are not responsible for any steps taken by the bank holding the deposit account not to credit the deposit account or, if not, not to provide the funds as you expected.. . . .

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