Bma Gp Contract Agreement

Full details on all aspects of the agreement are included in the contractual document drawn up jointly between GPC England and NHS England. The Quality and Results Framework was reviewed in 2018, and the new treaty outlines other changes, including two new quality improvement modules, focused on improving care for people with mental disabilities and supporting early cancer detection. Following Covid-19, NHS England and NHS Improvement have announced measures to protect the revenues of the quality outcomes framework for the first half of 2020/21 and a reorientation in the second half on the restoration of services such as cervical cancer screening or flu vaccination to mitigate the additional effects of Covid-19. One of the key features of the 2019 family doctor contract was the additional role reimbursement system, which would support the recruitment of an additional 20,000 people in general practice by 2023/24. Under the agreement, NHS England and NHS Improvement would reimburse 70 per cent of current wage costs plus pension and social security contributions (e.g. B pension and employer contributions) for four roles: clinical pharmacists, medical assistants, first contact physiotherapists and paramedics, as well as full funding for the roles of social prescription workers during the term of the contract. The agreement provides for an increase of 150m / £ 300m / £ 300m / £ 300m / £ 300m / £ 300m / £ 300m / £ 300m / £ 300m between 2020 and 2024. This funding will make it possible to recruit more than 26,000 people instead of 20,000. The NHS (GMS Contracts) Regulations, NHS (PMS Agreements) Regulations and Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) Directorates set out the latest contract amendments for GMS, PMS and APMS contractors from 1 April 2020.

This explanation sets out the key elements of the final contract and the potential effects on the wider healthcare system, based on the information available in November 2020. Overall, the updated treaty signifies a clear intention to stabilize general practice so that it can offer both improved access and expanded service offerings, with continued support for primary supply networks and the new roles that are important components of them. For any other questions, please contact The updated contract also provides for the intention to develop nationwide, from April 2021, a new measure „as close to real time“ of the patient experience. . . .

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