Abo Akademi Learning Agreement

ICT Services (ICT) is responsible for the university`s IT infrastructure, including user accounts, email, desktops, server computer and user support. Some of our software agreements also refer to the home user`s computer. If you wish to be an exchange student at Akademi University, you must apply to your home university to be nominated for the exchange period. The appointment is based on exchange agreements (may be limited to specific disciplines and a particular campus) or on a student exchange program. Please note that we do not accept free Movers. Please note that students from institutions with which this institution does not have an Erasmus agreement are privileged. 1. An apprenticeship contract/study program: use information about courses in the current academic year. Course information for the next year of study will be available by August 1.

Plan a full-time course load, 30 credits for a semester, 60 credits for a university year. The curriculum must be approved and signed accordingly by your home institution. You can use the Akademi University Study Agreement form; Erasmus students use the apprenticeship agreement of their home university. If your application is approved, you will receive an acceptance letter from Akademi University within two weeks of the application deadline (be sure to also check the spam file). If you have any questions, we will contact the applicant. The university covers two main campuses: one in the city of Ebo („Turku“ in Finnish) and the other in the city of Vasa („Vaasa“ in Finnish). The campus on which you study depends on your chosen program, but both campuses are internationally recognized for their contributions to research and their overall excellence in the academic world. Information about the courses can be found here in English.

By clicking on „Information for Accepted Students“ in the sidebar on the left, you`ll find other useful information for exchange students, such as housing, activities and a „survival guide.“ Please note that the student`s email address, indicated in the appointment by the home university coordinator, is the one related to the online application. Thus, the acceptance letter is also sent electronically to the same email address. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Immunology Please note that the language test must be conducted before the application deadline and the certificate must not be more than two years old. . The Abo Akademi University Library was inaugurated in 1919. Since its inception, the library has had the status of a legal custodian library, making the collection of national publications almost complete. A great place to study in a quiet city with world-class international students and interactive courses. Human Development and Family Studies, Political Science and Government, Sociology, Work and Family Studies University Deadline: `child.studentDeadline | Date:`longDate` Please note the campus for which you are applying when filling out your ISEP application. Ceramics and Engineering Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Software Engineering, Metallurgical engineering, Nanotechnology, Paper Science and Engineering, Polymer/Plastics Engineering Erasmus Charter 2014-2020 Erasmus Policy Statement of `bo Akademi (pdf) Erasmus Charter awarded by the European Comssion (pdf) Partner universities `bo Akademi University has All ISEP students receive a meal tipend based on the cost of living for students in Turku/Vaasa, which they can use to purasechies and cook meals

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